Welcome to my website, thanks for coming by! 

My name (as you may have guessed) is Matt, I am a 23 year old Media Production Specialist currently based out of Telluride, Colorado.

A majority of my work has been done in the freelancing realm, taking any opportunity I could to keep learning and growing while I finished my degree in Music Media Production. 

During my time at Ball State I have taken classes in computer programming, acoustic physics, audio engineering, and music production. I was also a student of their honors college taking classes in humanities that often times had a large focus on open class debate/discussion. In my final year I was requested to join Beneficence Records, a record label ran by Ball State. I joined as a video producer alongside one other producer handling everything from pre to post-production. 

Alongside this, when beginning my sophomore year of college my sister and brother-in-law decided to start their own business in media marketing. I began helping them as an editor and audio specialist and also began work for Ball State’s Recreation Center. As the years passed, I eventually found myself as a Lead Staff for the Rec, and then soon there after an integral team member of their marketing department while still working a decent amount of freelancing on the side.

Although I do have a large amount of experience in video, motion graphics, and marketing, this was all done on the side in order to make me more valuable in the media world and increase my opportunities to work in creative fields. I have managed to be one of the top students in my major as well which has helped me be a well rounded producer in all things audio and video.

Currently my work is remaining open to all avenues while slowly moving towards more creative/storytelling content.

I look forward to what the future holds and will not cease to be the hard working, driven person that has gotten me to where I am today.


Thanks for coming by and reading.


Matthew Glenn Buckner